Istanbul Taste Tunnel from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic

Istanbul Taste Tunnel from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic

Istanbul Taste Tunnel from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic

As a family, we love getting together with our loved ones and trying new flavors. Taking a journey back to the past in places steeped in history and traditions, as well as our new generation experiences, gives a special pleasure.

As a mother, I care that my child grows up with the same rich culture. For this reason, in addition to discovering our taste buds wherever we visit, we also take care to keep our cultural heritage alive. It makes me happy to remember the joyful moments we spent together with my child by sharing our tastings and experiences in these places.

In this travel list I have prepared, you will find restaurants and dessert shops that date back centuries and keep our deep-rooted food culture alive. Here are the places that offer amazing tastes that you cannot find anywhere else by expertly blending various vegetables, fruits and spices...

Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant

Deraliye Ottoman Cuisine Restaurant is an exclusive place in the history-filled streets of Istanbul, offering its guests an unforgettable dining experience with flavors specific to the rich cuisine of the Ottoman Empire with a modern touch, in an atmosphere bearing the traces of history and culture. In addition to many flavors bearing the traces of the Ottoman period, Deraliye also includes rare dishes that adorn palace tables on special occasions. Offering a journey from the imperial period to the present day, the restaurant combines traditional recipes with modern culinary techniques to create unique tastes. Guests are welcomed with a professional and hospitable service in the elegant and historical atmosphere of Deraliye. Each dish is prepared and presented with carefully selected ingredients. The restaurant aims to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire and offer its guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


Located within the unique texture of the 370-year-old historical Spice Bazaar, Pandeli is a restaurant that will fascinate you with its nostalgic atmosphere. Both as a native of Istanbul and as a tourist, you should experience this place at least once. With its domed ceiling and famous blue-tiled walls, illuminated by crystal chandeliers, Pandeli dazzles not only with its flavors but also with its impressive atmosphere. This restaurant, which was first established by Pandeli Çobanoğlu in 1926, had a modest beginning by selling nutritious meatballs and bread. However, he soon gained fame by becoming the favorite place of the intellectuals and politicians of the period, and opened his first restaurant in Eminönü in the same year. Pandeli has hosted many famous names from past to present. From Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to Queen II. Many famous names, from Elizabeth, Audrey Hepburn to Robert De Niro, have tasted the food in this place. During Atatürk's days in Ankara, when he missed the flavors of Pandeli, special orders were sent to Ankara and delicacies from Pandeli's cuisine were served.


Baylan, which has been serving for many years as Istanbul's first buffet patisserie, is one of the indispensable addresses of the city's regulars. The first patisserie opened in Beyoğlu in 1923 by Filip Lenas is known for his family's efforts to modernize traditional tastes. His elder son, Harry Lenas, returned to Istanbul after his pastry training in Europe and opened the city's first "buffet patisserie". In addition to unique flavors such as "Kup Griye", which left its mark on the world's dessert literature, Baylan also has "Rokoko", which is among the unforgettable tastes. After opening its branch in Kadıköy in 1961, it also took its place in Galataport. This patisserie, which has started to appeal to large masses, has become a place to experience the legendary taste of Kup Griye. Desserts such as Kup Griye and Rokoko are at the top of the list of things one must taste before they die.

Orient Express Restaurant

This place, which had its golden age in the 1950-60s, became a second address for well-known names in the press and literature world. Famous writers and poets such as Selahattin Hilav, Fethi Naci, Edip Cansever, Oğuz Atay sat on the chairs of this place and found inspiration in their works. Although it fell into the background for a while with the spread of air and land transportation, Orient Express Restaurant still served its loyal customers. The year 1995 was a turning point for Gar Lokantası and Alaattin Seyhan took over its management. The venue, which was renamed Orient Express, has preserved its nostalgic appearance and has become the indispensable choice of quality tourists and patrons with high cultural levels. Orient Express Restaurant still continues to serve its guests today, and is an ideal option for meeting friends, business and entertainment meetings.

Hafız Mustafa 1864 Literature Coffee House

Located in the Literature Coffeehouse located in the heart of Sultanahmet, Hafız Mustafa 1864 offers its customers an unforgettable experience with its unique atmosphere. The place has a rich product range, from candies to Turkish delights, from baklava to kadayıf; It offers a wide variety from pastries to milk desserts and cakes. Hafız Mustafa 1864, which attaches great importance to the quality of the materials used in its products, produces with first-class raw materials and the manual labor of expert masters. Sugar beet is preferred instead of glucose, natural madder and natural fruit extracts are preferred instead of food coloring. By using Zamzam water in all its products, traditional flavors are made suitable for modern tastes. While you sip your coffee and eat your dessert in this old building, you can watch the liveliness of Sultanahmet from its window.

Şekerci Cafer Erol

In one of the historical districts of Istanbul, there is a special address for those who want to follow the traces of traditional tastes: Şekerci Cafer Erol. This place, whose name reflects the deep-rooted history of Turkish confectionery, hosts taste lovers with the aim of preserving our traditional tastes, carrying their presentation and taste features to the future and transferring them to future generations. Confectioner Cafer Erol is known as the master of desserts. The products offered here stand out not only with their taste but also with their carefully selected ingredients. Candies, Turkish delights, pastes and many other varieties are prepared by hand and using traditional methods. One of the biggest features of the place is the quality of the raw materials used. Şekerci Cafer Erol prefers only the highest quality materials in his products and prioritizes naturalness. Healthy and delicious flavors are created by using sugar beet instead of glucose, natural madder and natural fruit extracts instead of food coloring. Şekerci Cafer Erol aims to offer his customers an unforgettable dessert experience while making traditional flavors suitable for modern tastes. While wandering around the historical streets of Istanbul, do not forget to take a break at this special place and discover the unique tastes of Turkish desserts.

Tarihi Sultan Ahmet Köftecisi 1920

Sultanahmet, the historical and touristic district of Istanbul, is famous not only for its magnificent architecture and historical buildings, but also for its delicious restaurants. One of the hidden taste treasures of this district is the Historical Sultanahmet Köftecisi. The historical Sultanahmet Köftecisi is a place that offers the traditional flavors that come to mind when meatballs are mentioned and has been a frequent destination for Istanbulites and tourists for years. This meatball restaurant, which has been serving since the 1920s, preserves its historical texture and offers its traditional flavors to its customers without changing over time. Meatballs, the most well-known product of the place, are prepared by hand and blended with special spices to create a unique taste. It offers a complete feast of taste with meatball bread, tomatoes and greens served on the side. The historical Sultanahmet Köftecisi is known not only for its delicious food but also for its friendly atmosphere. A meatball eaten here is not just a meal, it also contains the taste of history and Istanbul. While exploring Sultanahmet, do not forget to visit the Historical Sultanahmet Köftecisi, one of the unique taste stops of this district. A flavor journey that appeals to your palate and soul will be waiting for you here.

Historically Famous Dried Beans Maker Ali Baba from Erzincan

Located right next to the Suleymaniye Mosque, one of the important works of Mimar Sinan in the Historical Peninsula in Istanbul, Ali Baba has been bringing local and foreign tourists together with the taste of local beans for more than half a century. Dried beans from Erzincan are cooked in copper pots with bone broth for hours. Then it rests over the coal fire. You should definitely try this flavor. I don't want to say that it is one of my 6-year-old son's favorite places The service, which started as a mobile service in the early 1920s, continues to host customers in four different shops side by side.


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