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By shedding light on our historical, cultural and natural beauties, contributing to the promotion of our country is our main goal that brings us together with you. We went on a beautiful two-year journey with our team. We've written hundreds of thousands of words for you “GeziBilen”, taken tens of thousands of photos and traveled thousands of miles. This app, which we have prepared with all our domestic programmers, will give users in twenty cities in exactly four languages the ability to explore the city like someone who has lived there for years. In addition to being the first in its field, our application will always be in your pocket as a digital library.We've put hundreds of routes at your fingertips based on different themes that you can explore on foot, with your car or with your bike. Each route will reveal the different beauties of our country before your eyes; it will take you on a time journey in a historical place, it will bring you peace while exploring natural beauties, and sometimes it will provide you with the opportunity to rest at a pleasant taste stop where you will relieve your fatigue. GeziBilen will give you the opportunity to explore history, nature, culture and taste in any city, in any style and at any time.The adventure that we started in twenty cities in Turkey is just the beginning of the long road that we came out of. Turkish English German Russian “Virtual Audio Travel Guide” GeziBilen will proudly represent our country abroad. After a short preparation phase, you will be able to travel with Gezibilen in many countries of Europe. Now your travels abroad will take on a completely different dimension; you will be able to travel the world in your own language and on your own. The bottom line is that Gezibilenn and far away will be closer.


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If you want to go Street by street and explore in front of the artifacts, our navigation module is ready.

360 Virtual Tour

You will soon be able to explore our routes through 360 videos.

Visual Accompaniment

If you have time, health and financial barriers, you can explore our routes interactively from where you sit at any time.


Our main goal is to contribute to the promotion of countries by explaining the historical, cultural and natural beauties of the countries.

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