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City of Shrines, Bursa

Evliya Çelebi mentioned that ”Bursa is a spiritual city with light on it”. Of course, these shrines are actually symbols of this city... Which is already called as ‘City of shrines’ for Bursa.

Along with the mosques and shrines of Emir Sultan and Uftade, the Islamic scholars who lived in Bursa, the Sultans and princes who came from the Ottoman Empire were always taken to rest in this geography. So I'm going to sort out a few of these shrines for you now…

Çoban Bey Mausoleum

In the Umur Bey neighborhood, the shrine on the street named after him belongs to Çoban Bey, the son of Osman Bey, one of the founders of the Ottoman Empire. The mausoleum is square-planned and covered with a low dome.

Tomb of Osman Ghazi

It is located in the Tophane District of Bursa, to the left of the park entrance, next to the Martyrdom Monument. When Osman Ghazi died in Söğüt, he was buried in the Tomb of his father, Ertuğrul Gazi. After the passage of Bursa into the hands of the Turks, his body was brought to Bursa.

Orhan Ghazi Mausoleum

It is located in Tophane District of Bursa, to the right of Tophane park entrance, opposite Osman Ghazi mausoleum. The Church of Saint Elie, dated to the Byzantine period, was built on its ruins.

Tomb of Archer Baba

It is also known as the Tomb of Nusret Pasha. It is thought that the tomb, located in an area near the Sultanat Gate in Hisar region, was built in the 14th century. It belongs to Nusret Pasha, who had important services in the conquest of Bursa.

Cem Sultan Mausoleum

This hexagonal planned shrine houses the Tomb of the unfortunate Sultan, Cem Sultan. The dome and walls are decorated with rich pencil works.

Orhan Ghazi Complex

Built by Orhan Bey between 1339-1340, the complex consists of mosque, madrasa, imaret, school, hammam and Khan (Emir Inn) structures. Complex, which is one of the first examples of the creation of living spaces outside the walls of Bursa, is different from other sultan complex.

Muradiye Complex

Muradiye complex is the last complex built by the Ottoman sultans in Bursa. It was built by II.Murad between 1425-1426 and gave its name to the district in which it is located.

Tomb of The Kyrgyz

Although there is not much information about the history of Kirghiz Mausoleum, which is one of the buildings of high historical value of Iznik, it is one of the places visited by tourists with its architecture.

Üftade Tomb

It is located to the east of Uftade Mosque. In the tomb, there are chests and nine unidentified wooden graves with Uftade burying together with his sons Mustafa, Mehmed, Hayreddin, Ahmed, who died in 1589.

Abdal Mehmed Mausoleum

The shrine being opposite to Abdal mosque was built by Sultan II.Murad in 1450. The top of the square-planned tomb is covered by a dome, which sits on an octagonal pulley and is covered with lead from the outside.

Tomb of Emir Sultan

It is suggested that the Tomb of Emir Sultan Hazrat, who lived during the periods of three Ottoman sultans and gained the rank of Guardian in sufi, was the fifth authority in the Muslim world.

The Green Shrine

Green Mausoleum, located to the south of the Green Mosque, was built in 1421 by Çelebi Mehmed, son of Yıldırım Bayezid. The architect of the tomb is Haci Ivaz Pasha.

Yildirim Bayezid Mausoleum

The mausoleum was built in 1406 by Emir Süleyman, son of Yildirim Bayezid. The mausoleum, with its portico in front of it, was the pioneer of Ottoman shrines with porches built after it.

Murad Mausoleum

It is located opposite the Hudavendigar Mosque. Martyred in the Battle of I.Kosovo (1389) I.Murad's tomb was built by his son Yildirim Bayezid.



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