Pergamon Museum

Pergamon Museum

Pergamon Museum

Pergamon is one of the regions visited by local and foreign tourists visiting Izmir. Pergamon, with its deep-rooted history, is one of the city's most important trumps in tourism. The Pergamon Museum offers an important opportunity to see all this potential. The most important disadvantage of the museum is that it is located far from the city center. Pergamon has one of the earliest discovered ancient cities in Anatolia. After the high reliefs found on the Byzantine wall in 1865, the work in the region gained momentum.Thanks to A.Conze, these investigations gain a formal nature. A small area is created in the garden of the excavation house in order to preserve the artifacts unearthed during the excavations. This place is used as a warehouse museum. Between 1900 and 1913, work in the Acropolis area intensified further. Due to the excess of artifacts found here, the existing structure remains inadequate at some point. Some of the archaeological artifacts that were unearthed here in 1924 are moved to the community center building. A short time later, Osman Bayatlı takes over the management of the museum. With this move, ethnographic works are included in the museum. In this way, the museum's collection is expanded. Marshal Fevzi Çakmak also contributed to the establishment of the museum. Where the museum is today is used as a cemetery in the past. The Bergama Museum was inaugurated by Fazlı Güleç, who was the governor of Izmir at the time. An important part of the artifacts in the museum are artifacts from excavations in areas such as the Acropolis, the Red courtyard and the Musalla Cemetery. The museum, which covers the vast period between the Bronze Age and the Ottoman period, also draws attention with coins, Pergamon-specific productions, oil lamps, bowls and ceramics. The museum will be involved in a renovation process in 2013. The repair, which took place in certain parts of the museum, is still ongoing. Other areas in the Pergamon Museum are currently suitable for visiting.

Pergamon MuseumPergamon MuseumPergamon MuseumPergamon Museum


  • gunerican
    31.05.2023 14:54

    Herkes gelince ilk burayı ziyaret ediyormuş bizde aksatmadan gezdik gördük.

  • melisacubuk
    10.08.2022 07:28

    Bergama gelindiğinde ören yerlerine geçmeden önce ilk burayı ziyaret etmek iyi olur. Güzel düzenlenmiş sade bir müze caddede aracınızı parkederek rahatça ulaşabilirsiniz.

  • yasinxerylmz
    18.07.2022 09:43

    Bergama ilçesinde bulunan tek kattan oluşan düzenli, buram buram tarih kokan bir müze.


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