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Meşhur Balat İşkembe (Famous Balat Tripe)

Meşhur Balat İşkembe (Famous Balat Tripe)

Meşhur Balat İşkembe is one of the special delicacies in Balat, the historical region in the Golden Horn of Istanbul. Tripe does not appeal to everyone, that is for sure; but if you are in good terms with offal, then Meşhur Balat İşkembe is probably what you are looking for. The restaurant is located just next to Unkapanı Bridge.

It was opened in 1923 and is located on Kadir Has Street. It immediately comes through its flashing sign and welcomes you with a nice entrance adorned with trees and flowers. Its interior is spacious.

This two-storey restaurant offers you a nice view on the upstairs.

The most common complaint about the tripe soup is that "the amount of the tripe is less and soup is more". However, this is not a case at Meşhur Balat İşkembe. You can enjoy your soup adding some vinegar. Moreover, you can try many more types of offal in addition to tripe. Specialities such as lamb's head and foot soup, foot soup, abomasum, calf's tongue soup, thick tripe soup. If you do not prefer offal and are not familiar with this food, you can try foods from a great variety such as Adana kebab, grilled chicken, and chicken shish. You can enjoy tandoori kebab and mantı (Turkish ravioli). It is a destination offering plenty of alternatives with salad, desserts and beverages, of easy access, without parking problem, and with a pleasing service quality. 

Meşhur Balat İşkembe (Famous Balat Tripe)Meşhur Balat İşkembe (Famous Balat Tripe)Meşhur Balat İşkembe (Famous Balat Tripe)



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