TRT Publishing History Museum

TRT Publishing History Museum

TRT Publishing History Museum

TRT is a very important institution that has changed the course of television broadcasting in Turkey. This very private institution, the first television broadcast in Turkey, bears witness to many historical moments. The most important events concerning Turkey, coups, political and cultural content or sports competitions, are always transmitted to the public through this screen. TRT, which has always had its own stance and broadcasting policy, is an important state channel that continues its path with the tax of citizens. A special museum is opened in order to transfer TRT's awesome archive and publishing history to future generations. The first steps for the museum, which was established in Oran region of Ankara, were taken in 1980. In 1981, old radio materials were collected and the first museum named TRT Radio Museum was opened. 13 years from that, a lot of non-use material incorporated from the Television Studios enables the expansion of the museum. This museum is opened in its new location under the name of TRT Publishing History Museum. The museum, which is part of a private museum, attracts the attention of young university students, especially those studying radio/television broadcasting. Because this place is designed not only as a museum, but also as a hands-on training center. Visitors to the museum get a chance to see certain stages of publishing. Behind the scenes of both radio and Television Studios, drama and virtual studios are located in the museum. Among the exhibition halls of TRT Publishing History Museum; Atatürk special exhibition, Radio Exhibition Hall, Drama Exhibition Hall and television Exhibition Hall can be listed. In the section called Atatürk Special Exhibition microphones used on the day of the reading of the tenth year speech are exhibited. In addition, the program records and photographs related to Atatürk are included in this field. In the radio Exhibition Hall, more stone plaques and old recording devices are shared.

TRT Publishing History MuseumTRT Publishing History MuseumTRT Publishing History MuseumTRT Publishing History Museum


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