Soğanlıdere Hospital Martyrdom

Soğanlıdere Hospital Martyrdom

Soğanlıdere Hospital Martyrdom

Soğanlıdere Hospital Martyrdom, which is located next to Soğanlıdere Air Martyrdom, was restored in 2005. The triangular pyramid-shaped structure symbolizes the ascension to God. Moon and Star figures are found in the monument. In the lower section of the monument, soldiers who lost their lives while being treated in hospital during the Battle of Çanakkale lie. The Great Valley, home to this area, was closed to enemy attacks in those years. In this way, it was also used as an important logistics center. Divisional hospitals treated it as a warehouse or supply depot. At the same time, food deliveries for the soldiers were also made here. On the way to Soğanlıdere Martyrdom, a ruined and wrecked structures are visible in the right section. This building is known as the Angel Lady Infirmary. This Infirmary is also the first Infirmary of the front. Later this place was converted from infirmary to field hospital. The first treatment for soldiers performing their duties in battery front is done in this area. Soğanlıdere Martyrdom is within the boundaries of Kilitbahir Village. This is also a village famous for its two separate castles overlooking the sea. The village has a large number of historical buildings left over from the Gallipoli campaign. Soğanlıdere Martyrdom, which is located in the Soğanlık locality of this village, is built in dedication to nine soldiers and one corporal who were actually martyrs. Soğanlıdere Martyrdom, which is used as a mass martyrdom, has been open to visitors since 1979. This area is very exciting for visitors and is ideal for witnessing the heavy costs paid in the war. The command of the 2nd Corps makes crucial contributions in the process of making this martyrdom. In the inscription in the entrance area of Soğanlıdere Martyrdom, there is a sign stating that 600 martyrs lay here. Even so, the number is estimated to be much greater.

Soğanlıdere Hospital MartyrdomSoğanlıdere Hospital MartyrdomSoğanlıdere Hospital MartyrdomSoğanlıdere Hospital Martyrdom


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