Karabağlar Plateau

Karabağlar Plateau

Karabağlar Plateau

Thanks to the natural beauty in Mugla, those who come here do not limit themselves to the beaches alone. Karabağlar Plateau, which can always find its own place in the first place among the places to visit in the city, is considered as an important place of leisure and entertainment.

Besides animal husbandry, the highland, where agricultural activities are at the forefront, is approximately 3 kilometers from the city center of Muğla. The area, whose altitude level is considered low relative to a plateau, has some parcels registered on families. These structures are interestingly remembered by the families ' nicknames. This is also a traditional coffee culture. They are effective in creating a nostalgic and warm atmosphere, such as grocery stores, restaurants, butchers and barbers, which are located outside the coffees in the plateau.

In the area of coffee, poplar and mulberry trees attract attention. These are also seen as recreational training centers. Therefore, these places are very different from the classic coffee perception. For example, ortaoyunu or puppet shows take place in there during the summer months. From time to time, public film shows are also performed. It shows perfectly to be a vibrant and social space in that sense. Shopkeepers who come from Muğla Center in the summer also support the mobility here. During the summer periods, there is a great interest in the markets established within the plateau.

The coffees that prepare the ground for the establishment of cultural relations are the focal point of Karabağlar Plateau. This is exactly where people get to know each other. These important coffee houses, which are located within the Karabağlar Plateau, are protected by the natural assets Protection Board. Ayvalı, Polis, Topallar and Hacıahmet are just a few of the dozens of coffee houses under protection. Even some of these are operated directly by the municipality. During the summer months, the Karabağlar plateau hosts many events and festivals. Although not as ambitious as the Black Sea Highlands as the beauty of nature, at least in terms of social and cultural, it can be easily stated that it is always a lively place.

Karabağlar PlateauKarabağlar PlateauKarabağlar PlateauKarabağlar Plateau


  • aslidemirr
    28.10.2022 06:41

    Havası harika serin 1080 rakımlı yer. Yazın bile ferah. Bir de orada fosil alanı diye bir yer var. Dinozor görürüm diye heveslendim ama yoktu 😉😁


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