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Şanliurfa Castle

Şanliurfa Castle

Şanliurfa Castle, which is estimated to have been built during the Abbasids period, is one of the most magnificent landmarks in the city. So, what stories are there in their history? Come on, let's look at it together. Şanlıurfa Castle is built on a neolithic land known as the Stone Age in the 10 thousand BC... The 12,000-year-old Balıklı Göl Statue and Castle area, which is on display at the Şanlıurfa Museum next door, reveals the city's campus history. The first historical records of Şanlıurfa Castle, which dates back to the 6th century and 11th centuries, date belongs 11th century. The castle, which is thought to have been built by the Abbasids between 812 and 814 BC, does not lose anything of its glory despite thousands of years. With its architecture, which stands like a ruler embracing its people with its architecture, it creates a complete visual feast, so to speak. Although the castle's integrity with its columns gives rise to the idea that it was built in the same period, the towers are older than the main structure. From 240 to 242 DC, King Edessa IX. It is built during the Manu period. This time-defying beauty promises to give an unforgettable experience to the history and photography enthusiasts who come to Şanlıurfa.

Şanliurfa CastleŞanliurfa CastleŞanliurfa CastleŞanliurfa Castle


  • aysenurgul
    20.07.2022 08:04

    Restorasyon sebebiyle giriş yapamamıştık ve çok üzüldük. ama kalenin görüntüsü dışarıdan hem gece hem de gündüz ayrı bir güzel.

  • muratty
    12.10.2022 07:56

    Bekledigimin çok üzerinde guzel buldum. Urfadan ayrılmadan once gördüğüm icin cok mutlu oldum. Gece oldugu icin ışıklar altında cok daha hoş görünüyor. Fırsatınız olursa gece gezin.


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