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Damat İbrahim Pasha Kulliye

Damat İbrahim Pasha Kulliye

Damat İbrahim Pasha Complex, the Ottoman structure is one of the prominent artistic and architectural elements in Nevsehir,. Completed in 1727, the historical structure is also an important value that marked the period... Damat İbrahim Pasha Complex, which also contributed to the development of the region during its construction, pioneered an important city with a growing population over time. Because after it was built, the name of the town Muskara was renamed Nevşehir. In a way, it would not be wrong to say the origin of the name of the city for Damat İbrahim Pasha Complex... When the structural details of the complex are examined, it is seen to be consisting of, the mosque, a section to help the poor, hostel, two fountains, baths, high school, i.e. madrasas and primary school. The whole structure, located in a large area, draws attention with its inscription, stones brought from Istanbul, which contain partial details about each structure. The square-plan mosque is steady and open for worship even centuries later. The madrasah, which is now used as a library, is also among the highlights of the complex's elegant architecture. Architecturally, the structure to help the poor, defined as imaret, maintains its function with the same precision today and serves the inhabitants as soup kitchens. A historical value that in general, standing even centuries later, Damat İbrahim Pasha Complex, awaits travelers who want to examine the various details of the Ottoman architectural tradition closely and experience the spiritual atmosphere.

Damat İbrahim Pasha KulliyeDamat İbrahim Pasha KulliyeDamat İbrahim Pasha KulliyeDamat İbrahim Pasha Kulliye



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