Çavuşin Church

Çavuşin Church

Çavuşin Church

Cavusin Church, one of the most popular works of Nevşehir, a city of underground living spaces, Fairy Chimneys and churches, is one of the stops that welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Nevşehir, one of the most important cities of Christianity religion, amazes those who see with its historical texture and natural beauties with their works that seem to hang in time. The first Christians to escape the persecution of The Pagan Emperor Constantine I and create a new habitat for themselves in this city bring together the ancient beauty of the city. Unlike other churches in the city, The Church of Cavus, decorated with painting techniques from much earlier ages, is quite magnificent with its narrow stairs and private burial sites. The church, consisting of many chambered, is imposing and naïve with its walls filled with figures depicting the social life and beliefs of the first Christians who come to the city. The Cavusin Church, makes you feel like Alice şn wonderland more than being in a church. Three apses (U-shaped clearance area) and nephyle (thin, long walkway) entered through a door that opened. Although some of the pictures of the church, where three different painting techniques were used, were destroyed in the past centuries, they were protected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and provided to reach this day.

Çavuşin ChurchÇavuşin ChurchÇavuşin ChurchÇavuşin Church


  • turna
    25.03.2024 08:11

    Teşekkürler bilgilendirme çok faydalı

  • huseyinatess
    07.12.2022 07:48

    Göreme’den Avanos yönüne giderken rahatlıkla uğrayabileceğiniz bir yer. Genel olarak birbirine benzer kiliselerden.. Otopark problemide yok. Görmenizi öneririm 😎


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