When you pass the village of Hisaronu in Muğla a little further, you will be welcomed by a very special place called Kayaköy. This place is often described as a ‘Ghost Village’. It is known that this village, where interesting houses lined up around the slope add colour, used to be a Greek settlement. The Greeks who lived here at that time developed themselves well, especially in the field of agriculture. They are therefore far from the idea of building houses on fertile land. The houses are mostly set in Rocky or gizzard areas. This is clearly reflected in the name of the village. The structure of the houses is the most important value that adds authenticity to the village in this sense.

Around 20 thousand people lived in the village until the beginning of 1920s. After the war of Independence, the Greeks living here have to emigrate because of the exchange. Christian communities have lived here regularly since the 1400s. Immigrants from Western Thrace are placed in Kayaköy after the exchange. The former owners of the village who went to Greece call the new area they settled in Athens as ‘Yeni Meğri’. New houses are built on the plains left by the Greeks.

Today the population of the village has decreased significantly despite this settlement. Despite this, the old houses left by the Greeks are carefully preserved. These houses are officially protected. Kayaköy's name in those years is known as’ Levissi'. There are 14 chapels in the village except for two separate churches, but these religious sites are unfortunately in ruins. Especially the churches named Katopanayi and Taksiyarhis suffer a great deal of damage. The doors of these churches are exhibited in Fethiye Museum. The Church of Panagia is in a relatively better condition today and is open to visitors. When you come to the village, you must go to the hill area to reach the chapels. From here it is possible to see Soğuksu Bay as a whole.



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    Karmylassos kalıntılarıni içinde barındıran bu köyde sıcak kanlı insanlar ile tanıştım. Kalıntılar ise çok etkileyici olmasa da kalıntıların genişliği ve tarihsel olayları ilgi çekici.


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