White Water Promenade Area

White Water Promenade Area

White Water Promenade Area

The promenade area, which takes its name from the nearby Whitwater Creek, presents a beauty intertwined with nature. Located in Midyat district of Mardin, Whitewater Promenade Area becomes even more beautiful with the interest of many local and foreign tourists every year. The area, which is arid and treeless due to the terrestrial climate zone around it, extends from Midyat to Nusaybin, making it almost reminiscent of an oasis with its cool and unique endemic plants. The Whitewater Promenade Area, which has beauty four seasons of the year, also has restaurants and relaxation facilities on the creek. The area, which creates a single plurality feeling intertwined with nature inindividual, is one of the most admired places in Mardin with its lush trees and ice blue flowstream. We said that every season reaches a different beauty Whitewater Promenade Area. It is possible to watch the snow falling in the water and melt in winter, to hear the sound of rain in the spring when it meets the soil, to experience the unique peace of the bird's chirp in summer, or to experience the romantic atmosphere created by the yellow leaves that fall in autumn. .

White Water Promenade AreaWhite Water Promenade AreaWhite Water Promenade Area


  • XQJc5Sbp
    16.09.2022 10:20

    Çok güzel bir yer

  • tLljnHRQ
    20.09.2022 10:48

    Gelip görmeden asla Mardin'den ayrılmayın 🙂

  • xoLxH4m3
    22.04.2022 02:51

    Tam anlamıyla çöldeki cennet 🏞🏕

  • furkanakay
    29.06.2022 08:09

    Gittiğimizde kalkmak istemediğimiz bir yer oturduğunuz masanın yanıdan su akıp gidiyor kebap kokularıda hava uçusuyor :):)

  • zehraavarolx
    12.08.2022 07:19

    Mardinin sıcak havasından kaçıp serinlemek istediğimizde kendimizi burda bulduk, yemek yiyebileceğiniz mekanlar bulunuyor.


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