Old Teacher's House

Old Teacher's House

Old Teacher's House

The Old Teacher's House, one of the most beautiful buildings left in Turkey from the Baltic architectural examples of the Russians, challenges time despite the age of more than 100 years. The war that carved its name into the pages of history as the Ottoman-Russian War took place between 1877 and 1878. Occupied by the Russian government at the time, the city of Kars has been shaped by Russian architecture for 40 years. Russia, which brought architects and engineers from the Netherlands to Kars, which was described as the right to adapt the Baltic, one of the most popular European architectural styles of that era to Kars, they puts the city in its present form. Kars, which is shaped by structures such as theatre halls, teachers' house, physician's house, mansions built for 40 years; It is the only city in the world that holds Armenian, Russian and Ottoman traces together. Built towards the end of the 19th century, the Teachers House is one of the rare three-storey examples of Russian Baltic architectural style. Properly cut basalt Stone is used to built it, the Old Teacher's House also shapes the street with its entrance facing the north direction. The Old Teacher's House, which was owned by the treasury with the declaration of the Republic in Turkey, has been used as the main building of Ziraat Bank for many years. A teacher's house reorganized in 1984 and built, the interior of the building undergoes a great restoration in accordance with its originality with this new construction. The building, which was evacuated in 2003 for the creation of a new teacher's house in Kars, was allocated to Caucasian University and protected today, and then allocated to the Science Propagation Society. Today, the Old Teacher's House Building, which has become a place where many courses from advanced robotic coding to software technologies, art courses to literary readings are given, is of great importance for the cultural development of Kars youth today.

Old Teacher's HouseOld Teacher's HouseOld Teacher's House


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