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Ani Ancient City

Ani Ancient City

The Ancient City of Ani, the first land conquered by the Turks in Anatolia, fascinates those who have seen it since the 8th century BC. To understand the first state of Kars, when you go to Ani you understand. Those who say, "Ani is a world, but the world is not an Ani ." Ani, also known as the '1001 church city', is so much above his period in commerce and culturally that it is said to resemble Venice Europe. Located on the Silk Road, The Ancient City of Ani is home to many different civilizations and cultures from the past to the present. The place, which is one of the most valuable cities of Byzantine, Armenians and Turks, is also the first land gain in Anatolia by The Ruler of the Anatolian Seljuk State, Alparslan. Built between the 8th and 13th DC centuries, the city experienced the Golden Age in economic and artistic terms during the same periods. The Ani Ancient City, the capital of trade from Mesopotamia to Anatolia, is the scene of a cultural renaissance in its years so to say. During the period of Smbat II. and Gagik I., Bagrad Empire Kings, in 11th century the city is revivified. The city walls are repaired and expanded, and countless churches are built in Ani. The city, which reaches a population of up to 100,000 by official figures, is referred to a city with '40-door and 1001 church' after church construction. In 1064, when Seljuk Ruler Alparslan took the city. The Golden Age II. begins. This nearly 200-year-old progress is burned and destroyed by the Mongols conquest of the city. The last blow to the city, which is trying to rebuilt, is the mother of nature. With the large earthquake in 1319, almost all of the structures were destroyed. The city, which has become uninhabitable, is abandoned after the earthquake and today appears as the lead role actor of the history scene. The Ancient City of Ani, which has become the capital of trade, culture, art and civilizations, reminds mesopotamia in Anatolia every day with its mystical atmosphere and noble stance.

Ani Ancient City Ani Ancient City Ani Ancient City Ani Ancient City



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