Mount Kemalpaşa-Nif

Mount Kemalpaşa-Nif

Mount Kemalpaşa-Nif

Although Izmir is a developed metropolis, there are many natural places in the surrounding districts. In this sense, Kemalpaşa villages, with their abundant oxygenated nature and variety of plants stand out as one of the places to breathe in the city. NIF Mountain, which is located here, is the center of attention of local visitors especially coming to the district. Mount Nif is located just east of Izmir Bay. This place also forms the western end of Bozdağ. This private network is located among the 19 mountains named after Olympos in antiquity. Preliminary surveys organized since 1999 show very important remains of the region. Thanks to these exciting developments, it is understood that Mount Nif embraces different cultures. Since 2006, under the leadership of Prof. Dr.Elif Tulunay, an extensive excavation process begins in the area. These excavations are especially concentrated around Karamattepe Cemetery and Başpınar Basikilasi. The ceramic remains recovered during the excavation process date back to the 8th and 13th centuries BC. In the meantime, Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone is also seen as an ancient Roman city. The mosaics recovered in this environment lead to the region being referred as the “Zeugma of the West”. A large villa complex was discovered during the recent excavations on Mount Nif and its environs. Mosaics are found in the six rooms of this villa. In addition, the interesting animal species known as Anatolian Pars and various plant figures are depicted on the walls. These colorings with natural materials arouse more interest. The Hittite-Luvi Principality reigned in this vicinity in 2 thousand BC. It is also known to be home to gold mines and important water resources. The total height of Mount Nif is 1510 meters. Mount Nif rises slowly over Pınarbaşı and Bornova. On the other hand, it has a certain border in the districts of Torbalı and Buca.

Mount Kemalpaşa-NifMount Kemalpaşa-NifMount Kemalpaşa-Nif


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    Doğa yürüyüşü ile birlikte İzmir manzarasının keyfini çıkardık, doğa severler için İzmir'de vazgeçilmez yerlerden birisi


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