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Red Courtyard (Red Hall Basilica)

Red Courtyard (Red Hall Basilica)

There is no doubt that the Mediterranean geography was not generous enough in bringing the great civilizations of thousands of years ago to the present. Many Roman cities can only be seen as relics dumped on the ground. However, Anatolian geography knows to meet expectations at many points when it comes to these glorious times of history. The red courtyard, a prominent element of the ancient city of Pergamon in Izmir, is also among the values welcomed. The Red Courtyard, a large temple measuring 60 x 20 meters, is often referred in literature as the Red Hall Basilica. The structure, which has a history of close to 2 thousand years, has reached the present day in good condition, and is also shown to be among the largest temples of the entire ancient Roman world. It was built in the 2.century. The Roman Emperor Hadriaunus is known to have commissioned it to worship Egyptian gods such as Isis, Serapis. In front of the tower-like structures on both sides, there are courtyards measuring 270 x 100 meters in total. Human-shaped caryatites, figures of men and women can be seen here. Drawing attention with its red color, which promises a visual feast, the building attracts attention with the statues in front of it. The historical value, which has undergone restoration, is a magnificent temple when viewed from the outside. Some objects and pieces of sculpture are exhibited in the vicinity. In the interior, the remains of the pool with the base of the cult statue can also be examined. The historic Roman temple, which was converted into a church in the following centuries, however, with its many precious parts, makes cultural tourism trips to the location a rich experience.

Red Courtyard (Red Hall Basilica)Red Courtyard (Red Hall Basilica)Red Courtyard (Red Hall Basilica)Red Courtyard (Red Hall Basilica)



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