Izmir Outdoor Theatre

Izmir Outdoor Theatre

Izmir Outdoor Theatre

Izmir, Turkey's third largest city, is known for its vibrant social and cultural life. In this context, Izmir Outdoor Theatre is one of the most prominent locations throughout the year with the interest of the young population. It is located in Narlıdere district. The Outdoor Theatre, famous for its concerts held in the summer months, is built in the 20th century as is the Harbiye Outdoor Theatre in İstanbul. So it's not among the many antiquity theatres in the region. In a nutshell, it's not thousands of years old, it's a relatively new culture-art space. With a total capacity of 2,870 people, the structure hosts many activities. It's all that's expected of a modern outdoor theater. In this simple structure, there is no shortage of listeners, demonstrations and occasional laughter. Besides concerts, performances of theatre, stand-up, dance, ballet and folk dances are held. It promises unforgettable moments. Events take place on both a local and international scale. It is not wrong to say that it is one of the places where foreign artists as well as locals can relax with pleasure in Izmir. The acoustic layout is also generally acclaimed. Izmir Outdoor Theatre, which is one of the best outdoor theatres in Turkey, opens its doors in May-September, also attracts attention with its easy reach.

Izmir Outdoor TheatreIzmir Outdoor TheatreIzmir Outdoor Theatre


  • leylakorkmazz
    31.08.2022 06:51

    Büyüklüğü güzel ve açık hava olması yazları çok hoş oluyor. Konser, tiyatro her etkinliği eğlencelidir. Severek gittiğim bir yer. Üstelik ulaşım olarak da konumu çok avantajlı. Etkinlik öncesi yürüyüş yapılabilir, gezilebilir. Şehrin ortasında doğayla iç içe ❤️🥳

  • unaloykuus
    25.05.2023 07:18

    Gayet Büyük açık hava tiyatrosu yazın çok keyifli oluyor..

  • sudekilic
    06.10.2022 07:10

    Muhteşem bir ambiyans, iyi düzenlenirmiş bir karşılama Ekibi ile fantastik bir gece gösterisi burada izlenebilir. Yalnızca oturaklar inanılmaz rahatsız edici ve buna çözüm bulunulması gerekmekte !!!!


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