Vezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa Shrine

Vezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa Shrine

Vezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa Shrine

Vezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa Shrine is located at the junction of an avenue and a street in the Eyüpsultan district in Istanbul. . The Tomb of Mirmiran Mehmet Ağa, one of the statesmen during the Ottoman Sultan Murat IIIrd era is here.

The single domed shrine that was built in 1589 and made of cut stones, settled in a large courtyard with a plan of dodecagon following the classical style of Ottoman architecture. The gate of the courtyard where there is a well also, is double casing frames and made of cut stones. The structure, which rises with a dome with dodecagon sheaves, is carried by four angular columns at the front and two angular columns at the back.

At the entrance of the shrine, which is decorated with porches, there is an hierogram. The district is also referred to by this name today because Mehmed Paşa built a mansion in Beylerbeyi during the period when he was Rumeli Governor.

In the Ottoman Empire, the tombs of leading administrators and commanders are usually found around Eyüp Sultan Mosque. Vezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa Shrine in this region is also subject to an influx of visitors, especially during Ramadan. Eyüp Sultan Mosque, which is one of the impressive points of Istanbul's spiritual works near the shrine, is also notable for its elegant architecture. 

Vezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa ShrineVezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa ShrineVezir Mirmiran Mehmed Ağa Shrine


  • ahmetyaylacii
    25.08.2022 06:53

    Yüzyıllardan bugüne kadar gelen yapisiyla muhteşem genelde kabalabık oluyor.

  • mustafaalii
    23.12.2022 07:10

    Herkese merhaba. Kabir yapısı itibariyle görkemli, fakat bulunduğu konum itibariyle ilgisiz kalmış. Eyüp sultana gelenler yinede uğramalı.


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