Mimar Sinan Tomb

Mimar Sinan Tomb

Mimar Sinan Tomb

Mimar Sinan is a great architect who lived in the Ottoman period. Apart from its unique architectural style, it also stands out with its productivity. He did not produce works in only one field. During his lifetime, he built 92 mosques, 55 madrasahs, 20 tombs, 3 hospitals, 17 soup kitchens, 48 ​​baths and 20 caravanserais. Apart from this, it contributes to many works that we cannot count. Among his works, Hagia Sophia, Selimiye Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Suleymaniye Mosque, Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bridge and Çemberlitaş Bath are relatively in the foreground. Nicknamed "Big Sinan", Mimar Sinan also succeeds in being the chief architect of the Ottoman Empire. Mimar Sinan both Kanuni and II. Selim and III. Murat continues this duty during his periods. He describes some of his works as masterpieces. The tomb of this great architect of the Ottoman Empire is now in Istanbul.

As it is known, Mimar Sinan died on July 17, 1588. Shortly before his death, he built this shrine himself. The tomb is located at the corner of the Süleymaniye Mosque. Just above the windows, the 15-line life story written for him draws attention. Mimar Sinan Tomb is built of limestone and marble. Just in front of the sarcophagus, an inscription with a special thuluth script is placed on the monolithic marbles. It is known that this inscription belongs to Nakkaş Sai. Columns connected by sharp arches carry the dome section.

There are also three more tombs inside the Mimar Sinan Tomb. One of these tombs belongs to Ali Talat Bey, who is also an architect. It cannot be determined who the other two sarcophagi belong to. The tomb of this special name, which largely assumed the architectural identity of the Ottoman Empire, remains extremely modest compared to the works it produced.

Mimar Sinan TombMimar Sinan TombMimar Sinan Tomb


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    17.11.2022 08:21

    Büyük eserler sahibi, mütevazı bir kabri olan güzel insan, eserlerini milyonlar ziyaret ederken kabri biraz hüzünlü kalmış. Kalfalık eserim dediği muhteşem bir taş yapıt olan Süleymaniye camii bitişiğinde sizlerin duasını bekliyor. Mutlaka ziyaret edin…

  • pLdFfM65mUjV
    27.07.2023 20:34

    Lise yıllarında okulum sayesinde Süleymaniye kütüphanesine gitme fırsatım olmuştu. Gülistan da gezerken büyük usta mimar Sinan in Süleymaniye çizimini ve al taraftaki imzasını görmüştüm meğer o imza kabrinin yetişmiş nasıl bir İnce düşünce... Allah rahmet eylesin büyük mimara..


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