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Karyagdi Dervish Lodge

Karyagdi Dervish Lodge

Karyağdı Dervish Lodge is located close to the famous Piyer Loti Coffeehouse in the hilly area in the Eyüp district of Istanbul. Situated at the intersection of two streets, the place is originally a Bektashi lodge.

When the historical background of the lodge is examined, it is known that it was founded by Karyağdı Baba, who is accepted as one of the saints who came from Anatolia, and its name comes from here. Considering its architecture, it is understood that it was built in the 16th century, and the green colors are dominant, and it is surrounded.

Another reason for dating the building to the 16th century is that it is known that Karyağdı Baba fought in the conquest of Istanbul in 1453. It is explained that the deceased person took part in this conquest of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror with the Janissary armies.

It is known that the tekke was demolished in the first half of the 19th century. The buildings, destroyed after the fire, were repaired and religious rituals were held in the part of the lodge, which was reopened after a while.

There is more than one burial in the dervish lodge. These include Süleyman Baba, who died in 1812, and Kalyoni Mehmet Baba, who passed away in 1817. Karyağdı Lodge, one of the hidden treasures of Piyer Loti, continues to greet the Golden Horn and Istanbulites every day since the 15th century.

Karyagdi Dervish LodgeKaryagdi Dervish LodgeKaryagdi Dervish LodgeKaryagdi Dervish Lodge



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