Kaba Halil Pasha Madrasah

Kaba Halil Pasha Madrasah

Kaba Halil Pasha Madrasah

Located in the Karagumruk neighborhood of Fatih, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, the Kaba Halil Pasha Madrasah is an important Ottoman work in the region and is located at the intersection of two busy streets.

The Madrasah was built by Al-Hac Halil Efendi, who is an Ottoman Kadi, between 1754-1767. The grave of Al-Hac Halil Efendi, one of the leading statesmen of his period, is also located in the graveyard where it is next to the madrasah that he built.

The madrasah, which has a history of 250 years, is entered through its large courtyard. It consists of the square-shaped classroom and the small rooms where students are accommodated, which are known as cells in the literature... Although it has a classical architecture, the Kaba Halil Pasha Madrasah, one of the independently built madrasahs in Istanbul, has an architecture suitable for the classical madrasah culture of the Ottoman Empire.

The courtyard door of the building is quite remarkable. It is seen that the luminous cells encountered in the courtyard, which can be reached by climbing a small number of stairs, are of different sizes... The Kaba Halil Pasha Madrasah, which has been in ruins in the past years, has been restored by public efforts.

Kaba Halil Pasha MadrasahKaba Halil Pasha MadrasahKaba Halil Pasha Madrasah


  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 14:39

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  • caliskanahmt
    02.03.2023 11:09

    1965 li yıllardı,burada yan yana dört oda diyelim vardi,düşük gelirli dört aile yaşardı.


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