Incegiz Caves

Incegiz Caves

Incegiz Caves

The impressive caves in the Çatalca region are among the impressive natural beauties of Istanbul. Local people often visit this place because it is close to both villages and various picnic areas. The village near the cave is called by the same name. One of the most interesting features of these caves is that they are called "Kemal Sunal Caves". The reason for this is that many Kemal Sunal movies, especially the Davaro movie, were shot in these caves. On the other hand, Tarkan films are also shot here. It is seen that Inceğiz Caves are around 4 floors in total. When viewed from the outside, it is thought that these floors can be easily reached. However, it is very difficult to reach the upper floors. The chapel ruins and various galleries inside the İnceğiz Caves attract great attention from the visitors. Most of the galleries are on the second floor. These rocks are considered to be a kind of settlement that was carved by human hands.

The use of these historical apartments dates back to about 5 thousand years ago. There are promenade areas that attract great attention on weekends just around the caves. At the same time, those who visit the İnceğiz Caves have the opportunity to explore the İnceğiz village. Since the rocks here are essentially hollow, it fits the concept of a cave; but the building is a kind of settlement. For this reason, the definition of an old apartment is often made instead of the cave expression. It is even said that he lived here with a whole village. The floors of İnceğiz Caves are seriously damaged and eroded over time by the effect of earthquakes.

İnceğiz Caves also host many rumors. It is said that the caves that defy history are actually inherited from the Genoese. The 5,000-year-old İnceğiz Caves have survived from the Chalcolithic Period until today. Recently, as a result of a project, the district governor's office laid various wooden stairs on the pathways leading to these caves.

Incegiz CavesIncegiz CavesIncegiz CavesIncegiz Caves


  • Yeliz Gencin
    24.08.2021 13:07

    Esrarengiz bir yer. Çok küçük yaşlarda gitmiştim özel bir atmosferi var.

  • furkanakay
    28.06.2022 07:26

    Geçen ay gitme fırsatı bulmuştum fotoğrafçıların göz bebeği bir yer :)

  • mustafaalii
    23.12.2022 07:33

    İnsan görünce buralarda nasıl yaşamışlar diye bir düşünmüyor değil.

  • ahmetyaylacii
    25.08.2022 06:59

    Uzun zamandır çok eğlendiğim bir yer ortam olarak rahat temiz hava güzel mağara çok ilgimi çekti güzel fotoğraf çekilecek açıları var en önemlisi çevre de çok güzel cana yakın kedi ve köpekler var

  • ardacetinkaya
    01.09.2022 15:28

    Çatalcanın inceğiz köyünde yer alıyor gitmenizi tavsiye ederim.


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