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Hussein Agha Mosque

Hussein Agha Mosque

Agha Mosque, also known as Hussein Agha Mosque, located in the Huseyin Neighborhood of Beyoglu, one of the most central places in Istanbul, still serves actively. Hussein Agha Mosque, located at the intersection of Sakizagaci Street and the world-famous Istiklal Avenue, was later included in the borders of Sehid Muhtar Bey Neighborhood.

The mosque built by Hussein Agha, one of the aghas of Galatasaray Palace, is one of the oldest buildings with masonry roof. Hussein Agha Mosque, whose minaret is not on its left side but on its right, is referred to as "Emin Bey Mosque" in the manuscripts of Hadika. The fountain of Hussein Agha Mosque, whose opening date to worship dates back to 1596 and which is one of the most beautiful examples of classical Turkish architecture, is mentioned as the most masterpiece of Turkish stone carving in most of the old sources. It can be said that the fountain was brought from Oluklu Bayir Lodge (Islamic monastery). The mihrab (a semicircular niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the qibla) of the mosque, where there is the tomb of Davud Agha who is also one of the aghas of Galatasaray Palace, is worth-seeing.

Since the stones of hazire (burial area reserved for special people especially in courtyards of religious buildings such as mosque, masjid, lodge), which can be seen up to the main street, were removed in 1934, unfortunately, they could not survive until today. There are also rumors that the first state of Hussein Agha Mosque, which was opened to worship again after a comprehensive restoration in 2014, was domed. There are four windows on both the upper and lower parts of the side walls of the mosque as well as the windows at the top are arched and they have a magnificent appearance with colored glasses. After the last restoration, a certain part of the walls has been decorated with unique Kutahya tiles.

Hussein Agha MosqueHussein Agha MosqueHussein Agha Mosque



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