Hosdere National Garden

Hosdere National Garden

Hosdere National Garden

The Hoşdere National Garden, established on a giant area of ​​142 thousand square meters in total, serves on the basis of sustainability. Basically, as in the Ottoman Empire, it houses houses around a mosque-centered construction. This architecture is applied for the first time in Turkey. The mosque, which has a capacity of 2 thousand 500 people, is surrounded by water. The water flowing over the 7 thousand square meter pond is transferred to a pool here. This pool adds a very special air to the appearance of the mosque. There are nearly 2,000 trees in the Hoşdere National Garden. It is seen that these trees are in 34 different species. On the other hand, a meadow of 5 thousand square meters is reserved for special events.

Park lighting is provided by special solar panels that were recently placed here. At the same time, a certain number of charging stations are placed for electric vehicles. These charging units are also supported by solar energy panels. Hosdere Millet Bahçesi, one of the most beautiful natural areas of Istanbul, currently has highly functional walking paths, bicycle paths that everyone can enjoy, orchards, theme gardens, picnic sections and sports fields. People of Istanbul, who want to spend their time in a pleasant way, especially on weekends, show great interest in Hoşdere National Garden.

Hosdere National Garden opens on 17 November 2018. In the same period, there are four more national gardens, which were opened one after the other by the President. The large area, which attracts attention especially with its biological pond, is located in Başakşehir. You can easily reach here thanks to public transportation. 89M, 144A or 418 are some of the buses that pass here. Those who want to come by using their private car can follow the Esenyurt- Hoşdere road. There is a fee to enter the Hoşdere National Garden.

Hosdere National GardenHosdere National GardenHosdere National Garden


  • buseats2
    11.11.2022 07:46

    Hoşderede ferah çok güzel bir park. Sitelerin arasında yemyeşil küçük bir göleti olan ailenizle güzel vakit geçirebileceğiniz Serin bir park.


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