Hashemi Emir Osman Mosque

Hashemi Emir Osman Mosque

Hashemi Emir Osman Mosque

Istanbul has a very rich historical and cultural heritage. One of the important pillars of this heritage is the places of worship. Haşimi Emir Osman Mosque, one of the historical mosques of Istanbul, is evaluated in this context. Seyyit Haşim Emir Osman Efendi, who gave the mosque its name, was originally from Sivas. He had the mosque built in 1547. The architectural structure of the historical mosque is as impressive as its history.

The walls of the Haşimi Emir Osman Mosque, which has a square plan, are made of rubble. On the roof part, it is seen that wooden materials are used. The minaret with a single balcony is made of stone and brick. Lastly, the mosque underwent a comprehensive restoration in 1985. The dome part is not visible from under the roof. This section is made in the form of a half dome. The interior is largely covered with tiles.

There is a historical fountain in the outer part of the courtyard door of the Hashemi Emir Osman Mosque. It is known that the fountain was built by the Grand Vizier Çelebi Ali Pasha in 1620. In 1702, Solak Nezir Ağa undertakes the repair of the fountain. When the graveyard of the mosque is examined, it is seen that there are 16 sarcophagi in total belonging to Sheikh Hasimi Emir Osman Efendi and his successors. All of these sarcophagi have wooden material. There are various symbols and inscriptions regarding the profession of the person on the gravestones.

There are six fountains in the courtyard of the historical mosque. The section right next to the mosque is considered as a male Qur'an course. At the same time, the upper part of the mosque is used for this purpose. Haşimi Emir Osman Mosque is located in Kasımpaşa district of Beyoğlu district. It is very easy to reach the mosque due to its advantageous location. The valuable person who gave his name to the Haşimi Emir Osman Mosque, located on the Kadı Mehmet District, is known with the nickname Seyyit or Emir because he comes from the Prophet Ali generation.

Hashemi Emir Osman MosqueHashemi Emir Osman MosqueHashemi Emir Osman MosqueHashemi Emir Osman Mosque


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    Tarih kokuyor türbe ve Camii


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