Galata Tower

Galata Tower

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is undoubtedly among the most special and gorgeous spots in İstabul. The fact that it is right at the heart of the city and can be seen from various points adds to its glory. This historical place which has always been visited by domestic and foreign tourists is one of the prominent figures used in the promotional video of İstanbul. The Galata Tower finds itself a spot in many logos and posters. In a sense, it is among the symbols of a big and special city such as İstanbul. The Galata Tower is one of the firsts to come to mind when it is about the historical spots in the city and it was home to many stories in the history. This place also witnessed endless battles and raids. The historical tower which has managed to survive despite all the incidents that happened in the past was built in 528. Initially, it was far from its current location.

When it was first built, it was intended to be a lighthouse. The tower, which was entirely made of wood, played a significant role in guiding sailors. The initial tower was buried in history with the Latin invasions in the 13th century. In 1348, the Genoese reconstructed the tower. This time, stone masonry was used and it was expected to provide assistance to the defense of the city. With the conquest of İstanbul, expectations were higher from this place.

The Galata Tower which had an important mission of defense and surveillance also hosted shipyard captives in the 1500s. It was even suggested to build an observatory here. The Byzantine used to call this place “Megalos Pyrgos” which means big tower. It is also suggested that the name of the tower was derived from the term Gala which means milk in Greek. When you climb the 77 meter high tower, you will witness an amazing İstanbul view.

Galata TowerGalata TowerGalata TowerGalata Tower


  • trgy6060
    17.07.2022 11:08

    müzekart olmak zorundamı yoksa burdan kare kod ilede oluyormu?

  • kenanus
    10.07.2022 23:46

    Kulede müzekart kart geçerlidir. Müzekartsız giriş ücreti 2022 itibari ile 175 TL dir.

  • aleynaayenerr
    20.07.2022 09:25

    Hem gün ışığında hem gece aydınlatmaları altında güzel manzaralara ve hediyelik eşya mağazasına sahip İstanbul'da gidilmesi gereken yerlerden biri

  • trgy6060
    12.07.2022 07:17

    galata kukesine çıkmayı çok istiyorum gerçekten. yıllardır uzaktan, dışarıdan bakıyorum bir kezde oradan istanbula bakmayı istiyorum.

  • 6oojlGcQ
    02.08.2022 22:20

    İstanbul'a aşık olma nedenlerim den biri 🌼

  • christopher
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  • murattrahim
    23.10.2022 16:15

    İstanbulun tarihi ve eski yapılarının bulunduğu Beyoğlu bölgesinde bulunan gezilmesi görülmesi gereken bir yapı. Müze kart ile giriş yapılabiliyor. Özellikle erken saatlerde giderek yüksekten İstanbul manzarasının keyfini çıkarmanızı öneririm


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