Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque

Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque

Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque

Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque is among the historical mosques located in Üsküdar, Istanbul.The construction date of the Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque, which is located exactly on Boybey Street, was recorded as 1714. Lightning struck the minaret of the historical mosque in 1767. The mosque then became unavaiable. Mehmed Emin Efendi ensured that this place was rebuilt. Zeynep Hanım, the daughter of Kavalalı Mehmed Ali Pasha, also made important contributions in this process. As a result, the mosque was reopened in 1876. A similar repair took place in 1996 as a result of the attempts of Hacı Süleyman Bilir, this time the Imam. In this repair, the congregation also managed to contribute to the formation.

Fenai Ali Efendi Mosque has a single minaret and a single minaret balcony. There are important tombs in the garden of the mosque that attract a lot of visitors. It is also sometimes known as the Yaldızlı Tekke Mosque among the locals. In written sources, Ali Efendi, the builder of the mosque, is sometimes mentioned as sheikh Seyyid Ali Efendi from Kütahya.

This place was right across the Çavuşbaşı School when it was built. The interior of the historical mosque, which is a masonry structure, has el mansura. Seyyid Ali Efendi was the first sheikh of the Celveti Dervish Lodge. Mehmed Şakir Efendi was also the last known sheikh of the same dervish lodge. In this lodge, the days of the ritual were determined as Wednesday in that period. This valuable person born in Kütahya preferrred Fenai as a pseudonym. He need this pseudonym especially because he wrote many poems.

Rubble stones and bricks were used on the walls of the mosque. Their upper parts were carefully plastered. In addition, it is seen that tiles called Marseille style were preferred for the roof. The mosque has two separate doors in total. You can go to the rectangular hall before the doors. Fenâî Ali Efendi's grave is located in the tomb here.

Fenai Ali Efendi MosqueFenai Ali Efendi MosqueFenai Ali Efendi Mosque



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