Tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda

Tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda

Tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda

Eyüpsultan, the district of Istanbul famous for its historical places, also houses the tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda. The tomb, located exactly on Zal Pasha Street, is right between Cezeri Kasım Pasha Mosque and Zal Mahmud Pasha Mosque. In the opposite section, Evronos Dede Burial Area draws attention. It is possible to encounter the Şah Sultan Tomb at the back of the tomb. Hz. Ebu Darda is rectangular in structure. Two separate necessity windows on the street side of the historical tomb, which is completely made of face stones, draw attention. The wooden roof does not exist currently. An inscription reflecting that it was commissioned by Mahmud II is located right above the door. The inscription consists of six lines in total. On this inscription, you can witness a tughra of Mahmud-i Adli. This poem was written by Zade Es'ad Efendi.

There are totally two graves in this tomb. No writing was preferred in the tombstone. This valuable person has another location in Konya. Ebu Derda has been involved in trade for long periods of time. After the acceptance of Islam, he realized that he would not be able to carry out trade along with the religion and he chose to favor worship. As far it is known, he did not participate in the Battle of Badr. Nevertheless, Hz. Ömer accepted him as Badri. He served as a judge during the caliphate of Hz. Ömer. During the period he lived, many people took recitation lessons from him

While Muawiyah was serving as a governor in Syria, he was involved in the conquest of Cyprus with some of the companions. According to some sources, Ebu Darda died in 651 in Damascus. Although it is said that he was buried in Bâbüssagīr Cemetery at that time, there are also different beliefs on this issue. Because in 1938, gravestones belonging to Ebu Sufyan and his wife were found near the tomb. It is suggested that the stones are from the 5th century.

Tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda Tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda Tomb of Hz. Ebu Derda


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