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Sheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque and Tomb

Sheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque and Tomb

The issue of security of the Cross and Silk Road route, which has been important since the beginning of the Ottoman administration in Hatay, has been instrumental in both the development of the region and the growth of the population. Countless structures were built in the city. In this context, Sheikh Ahmet Kuseyri, born in Hatay; in addition to the state administration, he stood out as a cleric, bookman and scholar. From medicine to history and sufi, he has achieved great success in every branch. He was known at a young age. He taught lessons, helped the poor. He gave good to all Christian-Muslim. He participated in the Ottoman Empire's expedition to Egypt; prayed and Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim and his soldiers said 'Amen'. He was also been in Aleppo after the Ridaniye Campaign in 1517, which was successful. On behalf of the Ottomans, he was responsible for almost everything from security in the region to zoning activities. He made an important contribution to entry the region into Ottoman rule and people embrace the rules. Sheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Tomb and Sheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque, the eternal residence of one of the bright faces of history, in Şenköy, near the southern end of Hatay, where the people of the region and those from the surrounding provinces are of intense interest, shown among prominent spiritual values in region.

Sheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque and TombSheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque and TombSheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque and TombSheikh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque and Tomb


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