Georgian Door (Aliaga) Mosque

Georgian Door (Aliaga) Mosque

Georgian Door (Aliaga) Mosque

Those who fell their way to Erzurum, the city of nature, history and culture, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia; going on a magical journey. The city, which is rich in historical and artworks, welcomes countless tourists from domestic and foreign every year. In this context, Georgian Door (Aliaga) Mosque located in yakutiye district in the center of the city is just one of the favorite locations for history lovers. The historical structure, built in 1608 by Zakreci Ali Aga of Janissary Quarry Agha, who served in Erzurum, had major injuries, especially in the earthquake of June 2, 1859, but has survived to this day. The inscription documenting the restoration of the damaged building can be seen on the pointy arched door. Georgian Door (Aliaga) Mosque, one of the most grieved mosques in Erzurum, has risen up again at every time despite the damage it has suffered due to earthquakes and has reached the present day in summary of ottoman works... Coffee houses located to the west of the mosque allow citizens to wait before prayers, while the sound of mobile vendors promoting Erzurum's traditional products echoes in the streets at the exits of prayers. Georgian Door (Aliaga) Mosque, which has Ottoman architectural features, has been serving in Erzurum for about 400 years.

Georgian Door (Aliaga) MosqueGeorgian Door (Aliaga) MosqueGeorgian Door (Aliaga) MosqueGeorgian Door (Aliaga) Mosque


  • guvenylmz
    14.09.2022 12:13

    Gürcü Kapı Ali Ağa Camisi, Erzurum'da görev yapmış Yeniçeri Ocağı ağalarından Zakreci Ali Ağa tarafından 1608 yılında yaptırılmıştır.


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