Atatürk House Museum

Atatürk House Museum

Atatürk House Museum

The Ataturk House Museum, where the erzurum congress, one of the most important steps of the War of Independence, is carried out, tells the story of the liberation of The Land of Turkey. It was built as a mansion in the 19th century by a wealthy man from Erzurum and later donated to the state. Between 1915 and 1916, the mansion was used as the German Consulate for as little as nine months and later became the residence address of the Governor's Office. The governor at the time, Mahir Akkaya, lived here until July 3, 1919, and then left the city and the mansion was evacuated. On 9th July, 1919, Hussein Rauf Bey and his friends settled the mansion for preperation of the Erzurum Congress, one of the most important preparatory processes of the War of Independence. For the liberation of the country, the mansion gained a historical importance with the struggles of the soldiers who fought tooth and nail for 52 days. When headteacher Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk left the city after Erzurum congress, the building begins to be used as 'Governor's Mansion'. Atatürk established the State of the Republic of Turkey on 29th of October 1923, on the territory of the country that was won after the War of Independence. On his first visit to Erzurum after the establishment of the Republic, Mustafa Kemal Pasha was given a gift on behalf of Erzurum, the golden key of the city, was built in a jewelry store and the deed of the city by Nazif Bey, the major of time . In between 1930-34, the mansion was given to the commanders of the Erzurum Corps Command then made over to his sister Makbule Boysan after Atatürk's death. The building, which was transferred to the Child Protection Agency with the request of Makbule Hanım, serves to protect motherless and fatherless children until 1980. Finally, the mansion was transferred to the Ministry of Culture by the Ministry of Health in 1984 and opened to the serve of public as Atatürk House Museum in the same year.

Atatürk House MuseumAtatürk House MuseumAtatürk House MuseumAtatürk House Museum


  • guvenylmz
    14.09.2022 12:04

    Atatürk'ün konakladığı ev müzeye dönüştürülmüş, Türk alfabesiyle basılan ilk gazeteler ve baskı makinesi de görülebilir. Atatürk ün balmumu heykelide var.


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