Edirne Archaeological Museum

Edirne Archaeological Museum

Edirne Archaeological Museum

The Edirne Archaeological Museum, which is within walking distance of the city centre, is of great interest to local and foreign tourists. The museum was opened on 13 June 1971 along with the ethnography area. The Archaeological Museum offers its visitors more traces from the prehistoric period. On the other hand, of course, Byzantine, Roman or Greek period artefacts add colour to the museum. The sections with coin collections and glass containers are of particular interest. Just to the right of the entrance of the museum is a panel reflecting the excavations of the tumulus. It is said that these excavations took place under the orders of Atatürk at that time. On the left there is a comprehensive map of the ancient settlements in Thrace. Some dolmen or sarcophagi from the Roman period are in the foreground in the garden area. In addition, many tombstones from the Ottoman period are exhibited in this area. The water culture in the Ottoman Empire is symbolically reflected in the bird nests and pools here. Exhibits at the Archaeological Museum begin with fossils from the Paleontological period. Many fossils dating to about 30 million years ago are kept in this section. Terracotta or stone remains from the Chalcolithic period were largely unearthed during the Pilgrims Dolmeni excavation. In addition, ceremonial vessels are evaluated as evidence of the Bronze-Iron Age. Inscriptions, architectural pieces and steles are displayed along the wall in the museum. More cavalry stels are found in the storefronts. Women's heads made of terracotta are also displayed in these areas. The museum also has an interesting corner called the contraband display case. In this area, artifacts captured before being smuggled abroad are exhibited. It is possible to witness the pottery fragments, hand mills and stone axes from the settlement established by the Odris, one of the largest tribes of the period, in Edirne. In the same way, you can examine large and small sculptures from the Roman period in the wall areas.

Edirne Archaeological MuseumEdirne Archaeological MuseumEdirne Archaeological MuseumEdirne Archaeological Museum


  • aysenurgunduzz
    09.08.2022 06:52

    Edirne merkezde Selimiye camii karşısında yer alıyor. Müze kart geçerli. Şehir geleneğine ait eserlerin bulunduğu müzelerden biri.

  • rumeysacakmakk
    10.11.2022 11:09

    Müze kart geçiyor dimii


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