57. Martyrdom Of Infantry Regiment

57. Martyrdom Of Infantry Regiment

57. Martyrdom Of Infantry Regiment

One of the most precious memories of the Çanakkale Combat is the 57th. Martyrdom of the Infantry Regiment, which is very valuable from a spiritual point of view, it becomes the center of attention of domestic and foreign visitors throughout the year. People literally flock here, especially in March. Although the Battle of the Çanakkale took place in 1915, 57. The Infantry Regiment martyrdom was built in 1992. Martyrdom, which was completed under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, is one of the most popular and spiritualized places in Kılıçbayır region and even the entire city. As the Battle of the Çanakkale continues, it is worth noting that the enemy soldiers use a phrase like ‘chessboard’ for this region. This martyrdom, which was built recently, has an essentially symbolic value, and although the actual martyrdom is located in the Çataldere Valley just south of Bomba Ridge, just like the squares of a chessboard, this is the most important square on that board, like a castle. So what is it, who is this 57. Regiment? Let's see right now... The 57th, attached to the 19th Division was led by Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Avni Bey at the time. This regiment goes down in history as the first troop to welcome ANZAC soldiers. In this sense, it can easily be stated that they changed the course of the struggle. What a brave leader Atatürk is also revealed in this process because Atatürk was the commander in charge of the 19th Division in this war. Despite this, since he sees that the soldiers of the 57.regiment have insufficient ammunition and cannot demonstrate sufficient defense against the enemy soldiers, he mentions that the soldiers who set out to help but are likely to be delayed will be able to catch up. Atatürk turns to the 57.regiment and says, “I command you not to fight, but to die! That way, we can be replaced by other forces and commanders in time until we die ” he said. It is a pity that the heroic Turkish soldier obeyed Atatürk's order without blinking an eye, and they were martyred in the regiment until there was not a single person left, thus giving time to those who would come after them. We would like to point out that since then all 57 of them have been martyred. A regiment of the same name was never and will never be formed again, dedicated to the regiment. 57.the regiment will remain both a turning point in Turkey's history and an unprecedented success story and a deep sorrow. Well, let's examine the architecture of the 57.regiment... When the martyrdom of the Infantry Regiment is examined it can be observed that it has separate sections in the form of Memorial and open namazgah outside the main cemetery. In martyrdom, Kevser Stone is used to a large extent. This stone is also used in the construction of many caravanserais during the Ottoman period. The entrance section of the martyrdom consists of a large opening. There is a statue of Hüseyin Kaçmaz, Turkey's oldest veteran, greets visitors in this section. This sculpture is made of bronze. At the eastern end of the martyrdom, a relief is used in which the counterattack is revived. This stylish relief occupies an area of 45 square metres. Şadırvan(water tank with a fountain) and namazgah section in 57. Infantry Regiment is positioned at the southern end of the martyrdom. The main cemetery has a long pedestrian path.

57. Martyrdom Of Infantry Regiment57. Martyrdom Of Infantry Regiment57. Martyrdom Of Infantry Regiment57. Martyrdom Of Infantry Regiment


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