Turkish Islamic Works Museum (Green Madrasa)

Turkish Islamic Works Museum (Green Madrasa)

Turkish Islamic Works Museum (Green Madrasa)

The Green Madrasa, now home to the Museum of Turkish Islamic Art, is popularly known as the ‘Sultaniye Madrasa’. There is no construction inscription of this madrasa that can reach today. The period during which the complex was built is estimated to be the beginning of the 13th century. Haji Ivaz Pasha, whose signature on many works in Bursa at that time, is the architect of this place. This historical site, which is evaluated in the class of madrasas with open iwan, is in the foreground with mosaic tile decorations. In all sections of the madrasa, the columns from the Byzantine period draw attention. The courtyard is generally surrounded by high porches. It is seen that the madrasa has undergone repairs in almost every century. The Green Madrasa continues to function until the Republican period.

The madrasa began to function as a Turkish Archaeological Museum in 1923. This situation continues uninterrupted until 1975. That year, the idea of turning it into a Museum of Turkish Islamic Art comes to the fore. In this way, the historical madrasa begins to perform its function of spreading knowledge in such a way. In the museum you will be welcomed by many tiles or ceramics, carved-wood or ottoman coins created between the 13th and 20th centuries. Other than that, traditional clothing, metal artefacts, examples of Mining Art, add an important color to the museum.

The Turkish-Islamic Art Museum has eight separate rooms in total. The first room contains bone inlaid artifacts and mother-of-pearl artifacts. The second room is reserved for coins. The third room is specially arranged for tiles and ceramics, and the fourth room for bath goods. The fifth room will greet you with items belonging to the lodge. Examples of mining art are displayed in the sixth and seventh rooms. In the eighth and final room, you can be included in the fascinating journey of calligraphy. Bursa tombstones are exhibited in the garden section of the museum.

Turkish Islamic Works Museum (Green Madrasa)Turkish Islamic Works Museum (Green Madrasa)Turkish Islamic Works Museum (Green Madrasa)Turkish Islamic Works Museum (Green Madrasa)


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