Mükrime Hatun Mausoleum

Mükrime Hatun Mausoleum

Mükrime Hatun Mausoleum

The Muradiye Complex, crowned by UNESCO, has an important influence in the commemoration of the city of Bursa as the ‘city of shrines’. This scattered complex, in which there are many baths, mosques and madrasas, is the area of Bursa that attracts the most visitors. The district in the region gets its name directly from this complex. It is possible to encounter tombs of dynastic descendants in the areas of interest of the complex. The chests belonging to concubines, princes, prince and sultan wives and their children are located in this area. Although there are 12 tomb sites in total, the number of persons lying here increases to around 40 due to the excess number of crates.

In the section known as ’Muradiye Tombs ' you may encounter Mükrime Hatun Mausoleum. This is located in the garden part of the shrines, just to the south. Mükrime Hatun Tomb is created in 1515. The square planned tomb draws attention to the stone and brick sequences. Octagonal pulleys allow access from the walls to the dome section. It can be observed that the entrance in the eastern part was designed in the form of an iwan. And the chancels are immediately on either side of it. A total of 12 windows from the body walls provide illumination of the tomb. These windows have pointed arch pediments and iron railings with stone jambs. It is possible to find colored pencil figures both on the wall and on the dome. Except for the verses, geometric patterns add a special air to these areas. Unfortunately, because certain parts of these walls were later painted, the figures disappear to a certain extent.

Mükrime Hatun is known as the wife of Şehzade Şehinşah. She is also the mother of Şehzade Mehmed. There are no inscriptions in the building containing historical and other information. Despite this, it is suggested that the tomb was built in the 16th century. There are three different crates in total in the tomb. Except Mükrime Hatun, it is not known who the two crates belong to.

Mükrime Hatun MausoleumMükrime Hatun MausoleumMükrime Hatun Mausoleum


  • ahmetyaylacii
    07.11.2022 07:58

    Fatih Sultan Mehmed’in ilk eşi, Dulkadiroğlu’nun kızı Mükrime Hatun’un (ölm.1517) türbesi kare planlı olup, sekiz köşeli bir kasnak üzerine kubbe örtülüdür.


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