Ivaz Pasha Mosque

Ivaz Pasha Mosque

Ivaz Pasha Mosque

Ivaz Pasha Mosque, which is one of the historical mosques of Bursa, is located on the opposite side of Pirinç Khan. Hacı Ivaz Pasha, the architect of the building, is also the architect of the Green Complex.

Ivaz Pasha Mosque was built during the reign of II.Murat and is located in the district called Chicken Market. In some sources this mosque is also referred as Imadiye Masjid. In fact, it is rarely called as Chicken Market Mosque by local people.

The mosque is preferred for routine worship until 1642, but after this process it becomes a mosque with the pulpit. A very large fire occurs in the area in 1958. 12 years after this fire, Bursa Antiquities Lovers Institution repairs the area. At the same time, a citizen named Kazım Koyuncu has an important financial support. In this process, the place is restored to its original state. When the plan of the mosque is examined, it is seen that it is in the north-south direction.

The historic site, which has a rectangular plan, is covered by two domes. Cut stones are used on body walls. Ivaz Pasha Mosque, one of the only minarets, is included in the trip plans by local visitors to Bursa. The eaves of the mosque minaret still retain its original texture. This also applies to the below section of minaret balcony. The minaret is located in the southwestern part of the place and has a flattened cone. The dimensions of the mosque are 7 times 15 meters.

The architect who gave his name to Ivaz Pasha Mosque, which is also close to Ulu Mosque, is known to have been a good soldier at the time. He is also the son of Bayezid, a Tokatli ahi (member of a Turkish-Islamic guild). It is more like the Oruç Bey Mosque or Abdal Mosque as its plan shape. It underwent a re-repair process in the 1990s.

Ivaz Pasha MosqueIvaz Pasha MosqueIvaz Pasha Mosque


  • caliskanahmt
    07.03.2023 13:34

    Bu eserlerin restorasyonu gerçekten bir harika. İnsan geçmişin izlerini çok net görebiliyor


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