Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum

The ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum’, which is at least as interesting as its name, was established as a result of the initiatives of Gazi University. In particular, the role of the Turkish Folklore Faculty Members working at this university is quite large. In addition, the Ankara Development Agency provides financial support to this project during the establishment phase of the museum. The museum opened on 15 June 2013 and is a first in this area. Especially here, some cultural events organized throughout the year add a different value to the museum. Within the museum, a wide range is presented from Hacivat Karagöz to village spectacle games, from meddah(public storyteller) shows to children's games. On the other hand, artistic activities such as marbling art or linden printing are taught to new generations through productive workshops. Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum on the other hand, lullabies, anonymous folk songs, tales and conversations, which are important representations of oral tradition, find their place within the museum. Traditional ceremonies such as tooth hedges or soldier henna are revived. The Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum can be visited between 09:00 and 17:00. The museum is open daily except Monday and is toured for free. This interesting place, located in the Altindag District of the capital, tries to get its hands on all variants of Turkish culture that have been passed down from generation to generation in the traditional form. In a sense, it functions as a museum that keeps the oral tradition of the Turks firmly in its memory. The Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum, which has to be placed in a very valuable place as a result of its mission, is frequently visited by schools. The restoration process of the place in Hamamönü has recently been carried out by Altindag Municipality. The mansion that is the host to the museum is likewise allocated by Altindag Municipality in 2011.

Intangible Cultural Heritage MuseumIntangible Cultural Heritage MuseumIntangible Cultural Heritage MuseumIntangible Cultural Heritage Museum


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