Kurşunlu Mosque

Kurşunlu Mosque

Kurşunlu Mosque

Kurşunlu Mosque is located in Altindag District of Ankara and is located on Anafartalar Street. The mosque is architecturally square planned. At the same time the structure is situated between single-domed mosques and is built on a hillside. Sequential rubble stones are preferred on the wall facades. The last congregational section is placed in the north of the mosque. The roof of the last parish, both parts of which are closed, is Wooden at first. However, this area is also changed when it is enlarged by the Association which belongs to Kurşunlu Mosque. Today the subdivision of the last communion place is considered as ablution area. This section, renovated as reinforced concrete, creates a sadly incompatible appearance with the mosque. The main entrance of the mosque is in the eastern part of this section. The other facades in Kurşunlu Mosque are largely similar to each other. The windows located inside the pointed arched niches provide a harmonious image. At the end of the walls of the facade with a simple structure draws attention to the deletion. The dome of the mosque is covered with lead. This dome also appears to have an octagonal pulley. Each section of the hoop, which has Hedgehog Eaves, has a window. The mosque's minaret is located in the northern section of the main structure. The minaret can be observed to have a brick-bodied structure. There is a transition between the plinth and the cylindrical body. It can be said that the honeycomb section ends with a pointed cone. The door to the minaret opens directly into the mosque. Kurşunlu Mosque does not have an inscription reaching today. Historical estimates are made according to architectural style. In this sense, it is estimated that this place of worship was inherited from the 16th century. According to estimates, the mosque is said to have been built by Grand Vizier Nasuh Pasha. He has his signature on many works in this region other than Kurşunlu Mosque. The mosque gets this name because the top is completely covered with lead.

Kurşunlu MosqueKurşunlu MosqueKurşunlu MosqueKurşunlu Mosque



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