Hittite Sun Course Monument

Hittite Sun Course Monument

Hittite Sun Course Monument

The Hittite Sun Course, designed by Nusret Suman, one of the most important sculptors trained in Turkey, was completed in 1978 and this elegant monument is located in Sıhhiye Square. During the first excavations in Alacahöyük, a work called Hatti was found and this finding aroused great interest at that time. Vedat Dalokay, the mayor of the period, makes this place a symbol of the city. A replica of this place is created while the Hittite Sun Course Monument is unearthed. The original artifacts unearthed from the excavations can be accessed from the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. Anadolu Sigorta (Anotolian Insurance) also makes significant contributions to the implementation of this project. The location of the Hittite Sun Course Monument in the center of the city makes it easier to explore. The monument at the entrance of Ulus is of great interest as a legacy of the Hattis as it is known, Hattis is one of the oldest known civilizations of the Anatolian lands. The ledges on the upper part of the Hittite Sun Course Monument represent reproduction. Bird figures on the same monument find their place as a symbol of freedom. The round lines are reminiscent of the earth and the sun. It soon becomes one of the symbols not only of Ulus but also of Ankara. The Hittite Sun Course Monument is also considered as a symbol of the University of Ankara. The monument, even if it is a replica work, is greatly admired for its grandeur and original structure. Both Ankara and Anatolia draw attention to the connotations. The Hittite Sun Course is known as a type of religious liturgical object. Excavations to reach the original work first began in 1935 at the behest of Atatürk. The Hittite Sun Course is formed from bronze material. Approximately 4 thousand years ago it was used effectively in many religious rituals or ceremonies. About 300 years before the Hittites came to Anatolia, Hatti Kings were buried with such symbols.

Hittite Sun Course MonumentHittite Sun Course Monument



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