Beypazarı City History Museum

Beypazarı City History Museum

Beypazarı City History Museum

Beypazarı City History Museum is one of the museums worth visiting in Ankara. The mansion that houses this museum is donated by Hafiz Mehmet Nurettin Karaoğuz. He donated this 150-year-old mansion to the Special Provincial Administration of Ankara Governorate at that time. The pavilion is used as a museum with an opening in 1997. The museum is sometimes referred as ’Beypazarı History and Culture House'. Within the museum, traditional codes, historical and cultural aspects of Beypazarı district are reflected. The materials exhibited at the Beypazarı City History Museum remain largely from the Ottoman, Roman or Byzantine periods. The museum also has a bridal chamber. This section is as interesting as its name and is among the places where visitors spend the most time. It is understood that this museum, which tries to present traces of Beypazarı culture, is a kind of Ethnographic Museum. The building used for the Beypazarı City History Museum is said to have been built in 1928. It is planned to be used as a school in the first place. Artefacts, documents and materials that have survived to the present day, starting from the first ages in Beypazarı district, are presented in the museum. In addition to the artifacts or relics of the period, the models also receive great acclaim. On the other hand, an archive section that is available to researchers provides you with an efficient working environment. You can use this archive section for any research you will make regarding Beypazarı. Academics, documentary directors, journalists, university students, historians often use this field. In the Beypazarı City History Museum, the works are basically collected in five separate groups. They are named as Beypazarı in the early ages, Beypazarı in the Ottoman-Selcuk period, Beypazarı in the reparations period, Beypazarı in the Republican period and nowadays Beypazarı. The museum is located in the Rüstempaşa Neighborhood and is located 95 kilometers away from the city center of Ankara.

Beypazarı City History MuseumBeypazarı City History MuseumBeypazarı City History MuseumBeypazarı City History Museum


  • F0FsXKEL
    30.06.2022 12:08

    Beypazarının kısa tarihi ile ilgili eserler mevcut merkeze çok yakın mizekart geçersiz fakat tam 2 tl öğrenci 1 tl ödedik. görülmeye değer.

  • zeynpbalcii
    27.07.2022 07:44

    İlçenin tarihini görsel ve işitsel şekilde sunan, düzenli ve temiz bir müze. Ufak bir bahçeside var.


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