Ankara Bagevi

Ankara Bagevi

Ankara Bagevi

Ankara Bagevi is a place to visit with your loved ones throughout the year. The architectural details, in particular, are quite admirable. Reflecting the civil architectural character of Ankara to a certain extent, Ankara Bagevi, on the other hand, contributes greatly to the maintenance of collective memory and its transmission to future generations. Ankara Vineyard House is located in Keçiören district. The place, which is among the last vineyard houses of this region, is also referred as ‘Gedikoğlu Vineyard’ by the local people. The reason for its commemoration is due to Ali Gedikoğlu who built the place. He is close to famous business person Vehbi Koç. Ankara Vineyard House was built in the early 1900s according to the information provided. After a long time, Vehbi Koç buys this place. A thorough restoration process is undertaken to restore it to its original style. The Vineyard House is donated to Vehbi Koç Foundation in the name of this restoration. The restoration of Ankara Bagevi results in the signature of Ark Construction. Those involved in this repair are also previously employed at the Sadberk Hanım Museum. Ankara Bagevi, is included in the scope of “1. Cultural assets that need to be protected”. With a central sofa plan, the kitchen of this quirky and authentic space is located to the left of the ground floor. A section of the kitchen area can come so far intact. Another part is converted to a functional form for visitors. The sofas where the rooms are opened are also known as karnıyarık(eggplants with minced meat) among the people. The place is interpreted as a transition between Ottoman architecture and Republican-era Vineyard house architecture. This dual architectural understanding can be understood much more clearly, especially upstairs. Both rooms and sofa areas are very large in Ankara Bagevi. Tall cedars in front of the windows add a special atmosphere to the place. The decks are used mostly in winter. Ankara Bagevi, which serves as a museum today, is still connected to VEKAM..

Ankara BageviAnkara BageviAnkara Bagevi


  • birhosseda1972
    13.10.2022 12:50

    Hangi günler gezilebilir girişler ücretli midir

  • ezgicam
    26.09.2022 07:49

    Ankara'da kalan ve halka açık son bağ evlerinden. Bu şekilde korunup, gezilebilecek bir müze ev haline getirilmesi çok değerli bir katkı. Mutlaka görülmeli.


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