Abaci Fairy Chimneys

Abaci Fairy Chimneys

Abaci Fairy Chimneys

When it is called fairy chimneys in Turkey, the first place that usually comes to mind is Ürgüp. Despite this, the Abaci Fairy Chimneys stand out as the first Geopark of Turkey. The Abaci Fairy Chimneys, which are located within the borders of Cappadocia, are quite magnificent in appearance. Located in the Kızılcahamam District of Ankara, the region does not call the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia. The Abaci Fairy Chimneys have an extremely easy reach. This natural beauty, which is located in the Abaci neighborhood, depends on the town of Celticçi. The Abaci Fairy Chimneys, which are seen as one of the most popular Fairy Chimneys in Turkey after Cappadocia, are formed by eroding rain. These interesting visuals reminiscent of stone forests are visited by tourists throughout the year. Be sure to keep your camera with you on your way here. The Abaci Fairy Chimneys are referred as ‘bride rocks’ by the people of the region. Prominent by its geological beauty, these interesting formations cover an area of five thousand square meters. It is generally considered as a small place. It cannot be processed in such a way that its interior is residential. It has not known for a long time that there are fairy chimneys so close to Ankara, but the popularity of this place has increased considerably recently. Here, it is possible to encounter fish fossils that are millions of years old. One of the most important differences from the fairy chimneys in Nevşehir is that its rocks are without hats. Not only the Abaci fairy chimneys itself, but also the landscapes you will encounter along the way are quite interesting. Especially preferring the stump road instead of the highway makes the sights you can witness even more beautiful. As soon as you step here, you'll find yourself in that postcard image of Cappadocia. The district municipality builds a recreation area at the district entrance. Camellias, children's play areas and walking areas make the area thoroughly attractive, except for a viewing terrace that visitors can use.

Abaci Fairy ChimneysAbaci Fairy ChimneysAbaci Fairy ChimneysAbaci Fairy Chimneys


  • beyzakorkmazzx
    12.08.2022 08:16

    Rahat gezebilmek için yürüyüş yolları ve merdiveler mevcut, ana yola çok yakın aracımızı park edip peribacaları arasında keyifli yürüyüş yaptık

  • farukkorkmaz
    08.03.2023 07:59

    Kızılcahamam güdül yolu üzerinde minik peri bacaları . Kapodokya gibi hayal etmeyin .küçük bir alanda bulunuyor.

  • caliskanahmt
    05.01.2023 07:40

    Burada Ürgüp Peri bacaları ihtişamını beklemek lazım. O Peri Bacaları oluşumu şekilsen aynı. Belediye güzel bir park yapmış.Aracınızı park edip, Peri bacaları arasında yürüyerek gezebilirsiniz. Ana yola çok yakın(1 km) yolu güzel.


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