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Vanadokya Fairy Chimneys

Vanadokya Fairy Chimneys

In this article, we will examine the ones in Van, as opposed to those who think there are fairy chimneys only in Nevşehir... Fascinated by its beauty, Vanadokya Fairy Chimneys are as good as the ones in Nevsehir. Van has a volcano called Mount Yigit on the 33 km from the center. Rocks shaped by the water and wind that combined with the lava erupted form this mountain during its activation period. These structures, known as fairy chimneys, compete with those in Nevşehir in beauty. Today, the Vanadokya Fairy Chimneys, which are waiting to be discovered, began to attract and be known to tourists more and more every year. Featuring 17 thousand different fairy chimneys, Vanadokya spread sits on an average area of 20 kilometers. In this village, where Armenians live and consists of fairy chimneys, many churches are also found. The castle, which can be entered only by a hidden tunnel, fascinates those who see it. The Structure; Resembling the Alamut Castle so much that the ones see this one can’t help but to think if this one is the real castle, can be entered through a 150 step tunnel. The castle has an average height of 200 meters. Nevertheless, the hand carving of all the details enhances its grandeur.

Vanadokya Fairy ChimneysVanadokya Fairy ChimneysVanadokya Fairy Chimneys


  • QjVceDNp
    12.04.2022 19:31

    Kapadokya kadar ihtişamlı peribacalarına sahip olmasa da Başkale ilçesindeki Vanadokya volkanik bir bölgede olması nedeniyle zaman içerisinde rüzgar ve su aşındırması ile oluşmuş güzel bir doğal harikadır. Aynı ilçede Dereiçi-akçalı travertenleri de Pamukkaleyi aratmayan başka bir doğal harikadır...


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