Historical Van Evleri Neighborhood

Historical Van Evleri Neighborhood

Historical Van Evleri Neighborhood

Influenced by the mesopotamia civilizations with classical Turkish architecture, the architectural textures developed by Van form a coexistence. This neighborhood, built by The Municipality of Tuşba aiming to show the past buildings of the city to its tourists and create a new viewing terrace, is completed in 2018. Copies of the historical houses built in Van's Kaleci Neighborhood take visitors on a time journey on an area of 10 thousand square meters. The neighborhood's planning is in the form of a classic eagle's nest and is located 250 metres above van city. All houses in this historic venue, which smells of history, five kilometers from the center, are built in line with the old Turkish architectural procedures. The structures in the Historical Van Evleri Quarter, which are built with wood, hay and salt as adobe, are self-insulated because of the material used. The buildings that combine thousands of years of classical Turkish architecture and the architecture of van city, which has been influenced by the cultures around it, are very remarkable. These revered houses are also pleasing with the art it hosts its visitors with its hospitality. Historical Van Evleri Neighborhood, a haunt of explorers in Van, which has a beauty that defuses its castles and religious sites that stand up to time with its historical texture, is an unforgettable visual to its visitors with its greatness at sunset festive.

Historical Van Evleri NeighborhoodHistorical Van Evleri NeighborhoodHistorical Van Evleri NeighborhoodHistorical Van Evleri Neighborhood


  • gunmemoli
    02.11.2022 07:45

    Harika yapıların bulunduğu Van tarihini yansıtan çok güzel bir yer aşırı beğendim tarihi evleri olsun manzarası olsun çok güzel bir yerdi ulaşımı oldukça rahat giriş için beklemeniz gerekmiyor çok kalabalık olmuyormuş genelde.


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