Muradiye Waterfall

Muradiye Waterfall

Muradiye Waterfall

This is the natural wonder that receives the most visitors in the Eastern Anatolia region. So, where does the name of Muradiye Falls come from? We are in the 1600s in the Eastern Anatolia region... Ottoman Sultan Murat IV goes on the Baghdad Campaign. The sultan, who passes through Van with his janissaries, sees the 50-meter waterfall that spilled over bendimahi river while taking a break on Mount Tandürek. The Baghdad campaign culpes successfully and the waterfall is named after the sultan on the way back on request from the janissaries. Muradiye Waterfall, which has a different glory in each season, much more strongly gurgles, especially with its increasing flow in spring. The waterfall, which creates the impression of a separate universe in nature with its rich vegetation consisting of endemic species around it, is influxed with visitors. Muradiye Waterfall also attracts an influx of selfie enthusiasts with its unfathomable beauty at every time of the year, and embraces explorers who want to catch themselves in nature and feed their soul.

Muradiye WaterfallMuradiye WaterfallMuradiye WaterfallMuradiye Waterfall


  • leylakorkmazz
    07.12.2022 07:27

    Muhteşem bir yer. Kesinlikle gezilip görülmesi gereken bir yer.

  • QjVceDNp
    12.04.2022 19:19

    Van merkezden minibüs ile gidecek olanlar Çaldıran minibuslerine binerek anayol üzerinde şelale yol ayrımında inmelidirler çünkü şelaleye direkt minibüs maalesef yok şelale 7 km kadar anayoldan içeride...

  • gunmemoli
    02.11.2022 07:41

    Tabiatın insanlara bahşettiği muazzam bir doğa. Huzur dolu su ve sesinin verdiğ. bir güzellik. Mutlaka ziyaret edin.


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