Halime Hatun Tomb

Halime Hatun Tomb

Halime Hatun Tomb

Halime Hatun Tomb is the mausoleum of one of the most important Turkish women. Halime Hatun, who gave his name here, is the mother of Osman Gazi, who founded an empire that will last 600 years, and Ertugrul Gazi's wife. Halime Hatun is one of the few very important individuals in history and has a great place in Turkish history. Turks always care about women. So that if the ruler makes a decision without their partner, that decision is considered invalid. Turkish woman rides horses, throws arrows, guides her people when emigrating, and even chooses her own place to stay. Halime Hatun is one of the most important turkish women who holds a place that can not be reneeded in the state office... The mausoleum of Halime Hatun, the mother of Osman Gazi, who founded the Ottoman Empire, which ruled for 600 years; Located in the heart of Mesopotamia, in the gevaş district of Van. This tomb, which also includes the Anatolian Seljuk tomb right next to it, is a depiction of a mother who is embraced by her sons in an architectural sense. The tomb, built by Melik İzzeddin, is the work of Assad, son of Ahlatlı Pehlivan. The work has a 12-pointed body and has a cone-shaped roof. Geometric writings, medallion shapes and plant motifs are found in the structure, which has separate machining in each corner. This 685-year-old work, which sheds light on Anatolian Seljuk history and has never deteriorated to this day, awaits its visitors with all its greatness.

Halime Hatun TombHalime Hatun TombHalime Hatun Tomb


  • gunmemoli
    02.11.2022 08:01

    Fetih Suresinden ayetler yer alıyor yapıda. Gidip görülmeye değer..

  • leylakorkmazz
    07.12.2022 07:02

    Van Gevaş 'ta bulunan bu tarih kokan eser ve çevresindeki Selçuklu kabristanlığı hiç vakit geçirilmeden restora edilmelidir .

  • fatmahnterr
    31.08.2022 06:15

    Burayıda sevmiştim :) Küçükken korkardım çok ilginç iki bin yıllık mezar taşları vardı :D Kümbetin içine su dolardı bazen girilmezdi

  • ahmetyaylacii
    06.07.2022 11:48

    Kümbetin kendisi de çevresindeki mezarlarda görülmeye değer ancak bakımsız kalmış belediyenin el atması lazım.


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