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Gevaş Seljuk Cemetery

Gevaş Seljuk Cemetery

Gevaş Seljuk Cemetery, which is an archive archaeological site of the first degree, has reached the present day since the 13th century. This historic cemetery in Hiset District of Gevaş district; is located east of The Halime Hatun Tomb. As stated in the inscription at the entrance door of the cemetery, this place was built in 1335 by Melik Izzeddin on behalf of his daughter Halime Hatun. The cemetery, signed by Ahlatlı Pehlivan's son Assad, has been carrying the past to the present day for 7 centuries. Gevaş Seljuk Cemetery, one of the unique legacies of Turkish history, has not been treated very loyal. We can explain the reason for this as follows; In the 1940s, A prefect was appointed to Gevaş. Although there are many road alternatives, the prefect leads the way in the middle of this cemetery. As if that's not enough, he uses the tombstones here to make a pier on the shore of Lake Van. When Mount Artos is right next to them, this pier, made with stones taken from the cemetery, puts the historians in difficulty... Then the road through the cemetery is closed. The pier is flooded. The 13th-century tombstones travel deep into Lake Van. Gevaş Seljuk Cemetery, which preserves all its glory and mystery even today, is among the first degree of work areas of archaeologists.

Gevaş Seljuk CemeteryGevaş Seljuk CemeteryGevaş Seljuk CemeteryGevaş Seljuk Cemetery


  • leylakorkmazz
    07.12.2022 06:38

    Vana gidince kesinlikle görülmesi gereken bir yer. Herkes bilemez

  • QjVceDNp
    12.04.2022 19:35

    Özellikle Mayıs ayının üçüncü haftası hem badem ağaçlarının hemde ters lalelerin açması sebebiyle Gevaş ilçesi ayrı bir güzelliğe kavuşur. Selçuklu mezarlığı Akdamar Adası limanının karşısında yer almakta ve mezarlık içersinde Halime Hatun kümbeti ve çok sayıda Selçuklu mezarlığı yer almaktadır...

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 07:48

    Tarihi itibariyle görülmesi gereken bir yer


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