Albayrak (St. Barholomeus) Church

Albayrak (St. Barholomeus) Church

Albayrak (St. Barholomeus) Church

If we are in the city of castles and churches, it is necessary to visit the 13th century Albayrak (St. Barholomeus) Church. The church, located in The Başkale district of Van, is located on the hill overlooking the Great Zap Valley. Built in the 13th century, the building undergoes many restorations over time. The main building and congregational house of the church (jametun), which took its present form in the 17th century, are built at the same time. Two cavalry have been fighting for centuries at the entrance door of The Church of Albayrak St. Barholomeus, which has a rectangular plan. These embossments are so realistic that most travellers visit Van just to see them. Albayrak (St. Barholomeus) Church is a so-called depiction church. There are God and their angels in the forehead at the top. In another, God is with pigeons, the symbol of peace on his shoulders. Right next to him is lions, always symbols of power, under his feet. Although Albayrak (St. Barholomeus) Church has sacrificed its roof and most of its walls to time in its hundreds of years of history, it is worth a visit.

Albayrak (St. Barholomeus) ChurchAlbayrak (St. Barholomeus) Church


  • fatmahnterr
    31.08.2022 06:28

    Restorasyonunun yapılması gereken yerlerden biri...

  • gunmemoli
    02.11.2022 07:37

    çok güzel yerdir tarihi esere saygı var bi de misafir perverdirler.

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    07.12.2022 07:40

    Muhteşem bir tarihi eser görmenizi tevsiye ederim


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