Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle

Evliya Çelebi Travels for Trabzon Castle and says 'There is a deep moat similar to hell well by the mountain that 77 men enter. Only cutting is rock. It has a mosque, shelterhouses, cellars, military museum." Trabzon Castle give visitors local and foreign both a nature and a history tour. The castle is originally composed of three parts: Upper Fort, Inner Castle, Middle Fort and Lower Fort. Upper Fort had a function to be the protector of the inner castle, where there were tower, bath, palace, hippodrome ruins. The Middle Fort was built by Emperor II. Aleksios. It is a continuation of other sections. To the west of this section are imaret and Zağanos Doors, Tannery and Tower Gates. Lower Fort is the section that goes down to the sea right next to zağanos. There are historical monuments such as St. Andrea Church, Hodja Halil Mosque, Bazaargate Mosque, Kundupoğlu and Yarımbıyıkoğlu Houses, Eight Regular Baths, Alexander Pasha Fountains. It is known that the oldest part of the castle, which forms the old structures of the city, was built in the Roman period in the 4th century BC. Trabzon Castle, built on a high rock mass between Tabakhane and Zağnos Valleys, is located in Ortahisar in the city center of Trabzon. The most interesting aspect of the castle is that it was built from stones collected from ancient monuments. In fact, it is thought that the first castle was built in the 2000s BC. It is also known that Fatih Sultan Mehmet was repaired for attacks from the Black Sea after conquering Trabzon for the castle, which is estimated to have been built on the old foundations of the Byzantine period.

Trabzon CastleTrabzon CastleTrabzon Castle


  • fatmahnterr
    30.06.2022 07:46

    Eşsiz bir manzarası var Trabzon un göz bebeği ne hikayeler saklıdır bir taşında şiirlere konu olacak cinsten :).

  • huseyinatess
    14.11.2022 08:58

    Eşsiz manzarası ve tarihi dokusuyla görülmesi gereken bir yer.

  • irembozz
    12.10.2022 08:56

    Şehir merkezinde: Kale sırları icindearihi binaların dokusu korunarak restore edilmiştir. Vadi boyu gezi ,doğal yeşillik ,park bahce ailece dinlenme yeri.Şehrin merkezindedir.şehirle iç içedir.


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